Vinci Messenger

Uncompromising data privacy. The single most scalable encryption tool.

An unprecedented level of performance and technology. Enjoy the luxury of confidential communication.

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Secret passcode

Hide separate chats with Secret passcode. The Spoofing passcode will let to imitate an access to all chats. If necessary, just enter a spoofing passcode for secret chats - in this case, sensitive chats will remain hidden, but there will be the imitation of open chats.


Total privacy

We cannot read your messages or see your calls. Your connection is absolutely private.


Everything is under your control

Self-destructing messages help keep your conversation history clear. You define how often messages self-destruct for every chat.


Files disappear without a trace

All files will be permanently erased when any messages are deleted from the conversation or the whole chat. VINCI technology makes it impossible to restore any data


data protection

All the information you need from the conversation is stored solely on your device. All data is destroyed indefinitely when the app is reinstalled. Data restoration is not possible.

VINCI’s solution introduces
useful features, including:

Video <>calls

message removal

End-to-end encryption
of data transfer and device

Instant messages
and group chats with an unlimited
number of participants

Create Secret passcode
to hide separate chats.

Ability to send any file type
between devices

Free calls within the network with
protected communication channels

Contact key verification
with QR codes

Spoofing passcode let
to imitate open chats.

No ads, an effective
business mode

Unlimited number
of messages and chats


Enjoy the luxury
of confidential communication.

Confidentiality is a communication luxury
in the 21st century.
Total encryption.

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VINCI groups and contact lists are managed solely on user devices, and messages are deleted immediately upon delivery. This effectively prevents metadata collection.


No advertising, no investors,
no conflict of interest

VINCI has no ads, and it will always be this way. The company is fully funded by sales of applications and corporate customer subscriptions. Thanks to an effective business model, VINCI does not rely on any investors. We are committed to our users.



Vinci looks like an innocent messaging app but it has features that make it ideal for sensitive cases. Hide separate chats with Secret passcode. The Spoofing passcode let to imitate an access to all chats.


The industry leader
for encryption

VINCI guarantees end-to-end encryption of all of your communications, including messages, voice calls, group chats, files, and even status messages. Only the intended recipient, and no one else, can read your messages.